About Medicorp

Founded in 2010, Medicorp was established to meet the growing demand for high quality medical equipments and supplies in Indonesia. In partnership with the world's preeminent medical brands, the company imports and becomes a wholesaler of a range of medical equipments and supplies to the public and private healthcare sectors. Prompted by increasing demand for healthcare services, Medicorp is continuing to expand its portfolio of products to include other medical equipments, disposable supplies and other health & hospital related portfolios. Medicorp is also widening our distribution network through strategic collaboration with other local distributors around Indonesia, to ensure maximum nationwide coverage.


impact and the most preferred medical equipments and supplies provider in Indonesia, on the back of the dynamic growth opportunities in the public and private healthcare sectors".


"To proactively discover and satisfy the growing needs of the healthcare sectors by establishing creative research and development capabilities, and by becoming the wholesale provider of the right products, at the right quality, at the right scale, at the right prices and at the highest integrity, through the right distribution network".